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Invertor ( convertor ) 12 v la 220 V 500 W+
Invertor ( convertor ) 12 v la 220 V 500 W+
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Invertor 12v 220v cu functie UPS. Functie incarcare baterie.


Invertor de curent de la 12v la 220v cu functie de incarcare a bateriei si trecere automata de la retea la baterie. Ideale ca solutie de avarie in caz de pana de curent pentru centralele termice mai ales pentru cele pe lemne. Functie UPS. Descriere produs: Product Category Type Power Inverter Product Model Version CA1000 Product Specifications Input DC 12V, output AC 220V Product parameters AC Input AC Input 220V 50Hz Operating voltage working voltage 10-15v Output Voltage Output Voltage 220V AC 10% Continuous output power Lasting output power 1000W The maximum instantaneous power Max Power Dissipation 2000W Output frequency Output frequency 50Hz 1% Charge current charge current 10A DC Low pressure alarm (no load) Undervoltage alarm 10.5V DC The low turn-off voltage (no load) Low voltage Shutdown 9.7V High-pressure shut down voltage (no load) Over voltage Shutdown 15V The Undervoltage recovery undervoltage recovery 12.0 0.5V DC Protect the function of Protection Reverse polarity, short circuit, overcurrent, undervoltage, overtemperature, had contained the reverse connection, short circuit, overcurrent, undervoltage, over temperature, the overload Size Volume 320 * 185 * 80mm Weight Weight 2750g Scope of use: 1), office equipment: laptop computers, mobile phones, printers, monitors ), household appliances: TV, VCR, stereo, DVDs, VCD, and refrigerators ), outings: outdoor lighting, microwave ovens, Hang Ning 4), outdoor work: power tools, vehicles for assistance, disaster relief, commercial promotion 5), leisure and entertainment: mobile phones, the DPA, digital cameras, digital cameras, battery charge and GPS satellite navigation Features: 1) high-quality components manufacturing, advanced circuit design, making the inverter conversion efficiency as high as 90%, strict production quality management system, modern water production, ensure product quality. 2), complete product specifications for the different standards at home and abroad, the products are divided into several major products in the United States, Britain, France and Japan can also be designed according to customer demand. 3), the internal protection circuit to prevent electrical pulse and voltage fluctuations, can withstand the impact rate of the compressor, TV monitors, etc. Starts with an electrical safety, power switch can be cut at the end cut off the internal circuit, bring up the rear to ensure the battery will not be harmed . 4), protection design, when the voltage is below 10V, it will automatically shut down to ensure that the battery has enough power to start the vehicle. 5), overheating and overload can automatically shut down, to restore to normal and then starts automatically. 6), working no noise, the normal can be used for many years without maintenance. 7), input and output diversity, 12V input, 24V input, the input of the cigarette lighter battery direct input 220V AC output, 110V AC output can meet the needs of the customers at home and abroad to exchange electricity. 8), the product uses aluminum alloy case, high pressure plasma titanium surface technology, high hardness, chemical composition and stability, oxidation resistance, beautiful appearance.

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Invertor convertor MODEL NOU 1000W REALI !!!! 1000 W NOU
Invertor convertor MODEL NOU 1000W REALI !!!! 1000 W NOU
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